Bluebeard's Bride Wiki

Your tale of bluebeard’s bride[]

  1. The fairy tale is told
  2. The Sisters are created
  3. The Bride is left alone at home
  4. One by one, the rooms are explored
“The room beckons. You enter, and the door closes behind you.”
  1. Evidence is gathered
  2. The final room is exposed


  • Make the Bride and her experiences feel real.
  • Fill the Sisters’ lives with fear and horror.
  • Play to find out what the Bride chooses


  • Breathe unnatural life into the house.
  • Address yourself to the Sisters, not the players.
  • Give each inhabitant of the house a drive.
  • Ask about the Bride’s fears and build on the answers.
  • Veil your moves with mystery.
  • Hold the Bride to her wedding vows.
  • Fill the house with the echoes of violence.
  • Blur the line between the ordinary and the monstrous.
  • Center the story on women’s experiences.

Groundskeeper moves[]

  • Hint at off-screen horrors.
  • Present evidence of other brides’ suffering.
  • Invoke the house’s memories and secrets.
  • Undermine the Bride’s senses.
  • Remind the Bride of her limits, physical and social.
  • Put the Bride in danger, emotional or physical.
  • Inflict trauma, as established.
  • Introduce a servant or horror.
  • Offer an opportunity at a cost.
  • Turn their move back on them.
  • Make a room move.
  • After every move: “What do you do?”


Source: Play materials from the official site.