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The Groundskeeper is a player who takes on a leading or directing part in the game, similar to a "Dungeon Master". The Groundskeeper is explained in a chapter in the Play Materials, which lists a row of important categories for the game, and gives an overview about what to experience and what to do during gameplay, to bring the story of Bluebeard's Bride alive.

The player's tale of Bluebeard’s Bride[ | ]

The play material lists here the following:
1. The fairy tale is told

The Groundskeeper reads the Fairy Tale, which is part of the Play Material.

2. The Sisters are created

The Groundskeeper asks the Sisters how they imagine the Bride and what she looks like, but also about her weaknesses.

3. The Bride is left alone at home

In the fairy tale, Bluebeard has to leave shortly after they arrive at his huge castle. Before he leaves, he gives the Bride the keys to every door in the castle, but warns her to ever go to his private chamber, which can be opened with one of the keys.

4. One by one, the rooms are explored

“The room beckons. You enter, and the door closes behind you.”

5. Evidence is gathered

6. The final room is exposed

Other[ | ]

  • Agendas
  • Principles
  • Groundskeeper moves

Source[ | ]

Source: Play materials from the official site.