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The Sister's represent all a part of the psyche of the bride's mind. Each player takes over the role of a Sister and guides the Bride through Bluebeard's House.

Each Sister is different and has certain traits. When the game starts, the players choose one of the five sisters. Since every Sister is different, they also won't always agree.

The mainguide of the bride is the Sister, who carries The Ring, which is an essential mechanic of the game. During the game, it's possible, that the Sisters suffer trauma, whereof too much will make the affected Sister shatter and player lose this part of the Bride's mind to madness. The lost Sister then becomes part of the houses horrors and the nightmares of the bride.

  • Animus - You hold onto rightousness with both hands. Other admire your strength and bow to your will.
  • Fatale - You drip sensuality from your lips. Others watch every move an crave for your to take control.
  • Mother - You walk with authority. Others ache for your approval and long for you to sooth their wounds.
  • Virgin - You see beauty where there is none. Others seek solace in your warmth and delight in your obedience.
  • Witch - You braid magic from shadows and blood. Others desire a taste of your sin and pray for your undoing.

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